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E3 2013 Thursday MMO Recap

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E3 2013 Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes

While Alex and I were busy learning about Innogames’ business plans, James and Scott hit up Warframe at the Nvidia booth. For those who can’t keep up with Warframe’s constant updates, the recently launched update 8 has basically revamped the entire title with a new clan focused Dojo builder, space ship maps based on the Grineer as well as the ancient and mysterious Orokin, three new player built mods officially added into the game, twenty new weapons consisting of both the purchasable and craftable variety, and the just released dueling system that finally gives players a chance to test their metal against each other!

Check out this video recap to get a closer look at all that’s new in Warframe and keep an eye out on MMOHuts for an upcoming video with Digital Extremes’ PR Coordinator Katie putting James in his place in the dueling mode!

E3 2013 Warframe

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