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Tribes: Ascend removes skiing bug

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Hi-Rez Studios has found and removed the infamous “skiing bug” found in Tribes Ascend.

The bug, known since Starsiege: Tribes, let players slide or ski across open terrain across multiple Tribes games and allowed players to gain speed easily. Thanks to some pro debugging skills, skiing is now eliminated, although the team hasn’t confirmed if the fix will make it before the game’s April 12 release date.

The dev team has announced with this behind them, Tribes: Ascend can now move on to introducing Super-Slow Walk, Go Prone (shown below), and Crawl.

Tribes: Ascend is published by Hi-Rez Studios, which also publishes Global Agenda.

Tribes: Ascend Gameplay Screenshot


Hi-Rez Studios Finally Fixes Bug That Creates Skiing Within Tribes: Ascend

ATLANTA. April 1st, 2012. Today, Hi-Rez Studios announced that they have finally identified and corrected the ‘skiing bug’ within the popular Tribes gaming franchise.

The infamous bug was introduced in 1998 with the release of the original Starsiege: Tribes. A defect deep within the game’s physics subsystem allowed players to slide or ‘ski’ very quickly across wide-open terrain. For over 13 years, and across numerous Tribes sequels, this exploit has been used by players to gain incredible movement speeds – earning Tribes a reputation as the World’s Fastest Shooter.

Now, thanks to the debugging skills of Hi-Rez developer Don Zubis, skiing in Tribes has been eliminated.

“No more skiing! Tribes players can now travel at the more comfortable walking speed found in other modern shooters”, explains Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios Chief Operating Officer. “With this bug finally behind us, our dev team can move onto new gameplay mechanics including Super-Slow Walk, Go Prone, and the highly anticipated Crawl.”

The release date of Tribes: Ascend remains April 12, 2012. And Hi-Rez would not confirm whether this bug fix would indeed make it in time for that release build.

There remains significant risk that, on release day, Tribes: Ascend players will be able to go very, very fast.

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