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Martial Arts MMO Age of Wushu Arrives on Steam Today

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Wushu Steam

Snail Games announced today that its highly popular martial arts MMO, Age of Wushu, will be available for free on the Steam PC digital service starting at 4 p.m. PDT. Players who register for Age of Wushu through Steam will receive an exclusive in-game character title and several game-enhancing items, including the Life Extending Pill, Big Spirit Pill, Silver Coins, Palpitation Relieving and Vital Energy Regulating Pill, and the Dayuan Horse. All future content for the game, including the upcoming expansion -– Tempest of Strife — will be synchronized with Steam as well.

New Steam players can experience exploring real-world landmarks across a faithful recreation of ancient China, including the Wudang Mountain Gate, the Gobi Desert, the Shaolin Temple and much more. Players can enroll in one of eight schools and master various martial art disciplines with ever-evolving dynamic encounters against a world of hidden enemies, including the lawless ‘Jianghu’ warriors.

“The availability of Age of Wushu on Steam enables an even larger audience of passionate MMO and martial arts fans to experience the game’s action combat and exploration,” said Shi Hai, founder and CEO of Snail Games, “The release on Steam further highlights Age of Wushu as one of the world’s premier MMO titles.”

Players can visit the official Steam page for Age of Wushu here starting at 4pm Pacific.

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