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E3 2013 Monday and Tuesday MMO Recap

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E3 2013 Dream Squared Pal Online

Dream Squared

Scheduling for this E3 was so crazy that in the end I had to book some companies on Monday at our home office in Santa Monica just to make sure we weren’t missing out on anything! And while most visitors didn’t offer anything noteworthy, a previously unheard of (at least in the west) Chinese gaming company known as Dream Squared floored us with a demonstration of their upcoming browser titles.

E3 2013 Dream Squared Qins Moon

And before you write these ladies repping Dream Squared off as Chinese browser gaming clone company number 9,482, may I point to these trailers.

Yea… both are bringing the heat and no doubt making Unity Engine and Flash 11 scream to make these titles a reality. They’re even releasing a full length movie for New Pal in China to coincide with their beta (that I sincerely hope gets localized whether through official or unofficial means prior to the western launch)! I imagine it will be some time before we see these titles stateside as Dream Squared is still in the process of establishing publisher relations in the west but if this kind of graphics style suits you, you can check out their already established title Foxli Rush over at NGames.

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