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Dream Square Debut Qin’s Moon and New PAL Online at E3

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The Dream Square plans to make a big presence at the E3 Expo next week in Los Angeles to show off its newest titles, Qin’s Moon and New PAL Online. The gaming company will attend the annual gaming jamboree for the first time and have a booth on the show floor to make their global debut with its smash hits, the Chinese browser game blockbuster New PAL Online and Qin’s Moon, a game adapted from a comic series of the same name, which was a huge success and remains one of the most popular anime in China. It represents a significant milestone in the company’s history. Booth 2646 at South Hall is Dream Square’s space and will be available for attendees to visit during the event.

Qin’s Moon, among the most ambitious and promising titles developed by the Dream Square, is the legal release of a video game adapted from a comic series of the same name which is a huge success and one of the best-known anime in China. The game hit closed beta on May 31st and is available via Qzone, a popular social media network in China. The game features cute graphics and is loyal to the 1-4 installments of the comic series which has been adapted into a film titled Qin’s Moon: Long Teng Wan Li. The film will hit theaters during the summer vacation. Star Q released the movie trailer on the same day. Fans were excited with the contents of the movie trailer. At the same time, the Dream Square shows great foresight and is currently gearing up for the development of the crossover product, Qin’s Moon, a unique blend of video games and the comic series. Dream Square’s Vice President Mr. Zeng Qiang has revealed that, besides the cartoon video game Qin’s Moon in closed beta testing, a 3D MMO Qin’s Moon is being developed is expected to be the company’s new game sensation following the success of New PAL Online. The animated film Qin’s Moon has received high praise at prestigious international film festivals held in Cannes, France and Japan. The company has high hopes for its international appeal. This will certainly make the game appeal to game companies and attendees from all over the world at the E3 Expo.

The critically acclaimed comic series Qin’s Moon indicates Chinese anime have achieved new heights. It received many honors and awards, and is the most talked-about comic series because of its grandeur style, neatly intertwined plot and appeal to people of all ages. The video game Qin’s Moon is the faithful adaptation of the anime and features cute character designs. The story has been rewritten, and entertainment is driven forward by cleverly intertwined plotlines. The game will guarantee a hit amongst fans.

The Social Network movie reveals people’s high dependence on networks and a strong desire to socialize in modern society. It has become increasingly important for game companies to figure out gaming segments. The Dream Square has done an excellent job in understanding player segmentation and has teamed up with Tencent in China to publish the video game Qin’s Moon. It is predicted that the overseas version of the game will be released via Facebook.

To avoid alienating overseas players, traditional Chinese elements will be presented in a way to cater to the international game-playing population. Bao, a cute and lovable panda in the Kung Fu Panda movie is considered a symbol of Chinese culture by overseas audiences. Cute cartoon design is much easier to be accepted by overseas players than traditional Chinese style. Traditional Chinese crafts and technology such as trap setting, sword making will make players feel amazed.

Qin’s Moon and New Chinese Paladin are the symbols of Chinese culture to represent the peak achievement in their own sector. The Dream Square has purchased the rights for an adaption of the anime and the console game to realize resource integration and boost brand image. It is strongly expected that Dream Square’s slate of upcoming titles including Qin’s Moon and New PAL Online will provide can’t-miss experience for players.

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