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League of Legends: Aatrox, the Darkin Blade Champion Spotlight

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The latest Champion Spotlight focuses on Aatrox, the Darkin Blade. Aatrox belongs to the ancient race known as the Darkin and his combination of mobility and survivability should suit those with an aggressive playstyle. This melee champion is an ideal fit for the struggle to dominate the top lane and excels as a duelist and team fighter with some potent lifesteal. Aatrox’s mobility gives him an innate ability to pressure enemy carries in team fights, and he can stylishly put them to the sword with his abilities.

Blood Thirst grants Aatrox plenty of sustain to take on enemy initiators and tanks. When Aatrox is in deep, the area of effect burst and extra range from Massacre, plus the slow on Blades of Torment can prevent high-value targets from escaping his grasp. Meanwhile, the consistent healing from Blood Thirst and resurrection effect from Blood Well keep him alive long enough to cut through enemy champions and leave his mark on the top lane.

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