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Doom Warrior: Now in Open Beta

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Doom Warrior

Creaky Corpse are proud to announce the Doom Warrior has now entered Open Beta. This means that anyone can now play without needing one of those pesky beta keys, and the game is now available on Linux and MacOS. With the new influx of new players they expect the game to become far more challenging and exciting.

they’ve also recently released update V1.07 which made some major changes to the way game works for the better. So if you haven’t played in a while it may be a good time to give it another look.

Here are just some of the many changes:

DW is now split into leagues based on your character level: Bronze (1-50), Silver (51-200), Gold (201-400) & Blood (401+). BP gains and losses only happen when fighting somebody from the same league and each league has it’s own weekly prizes of Darkstones, Artifacts and Grand Runes.

Fight Tokens
Free players now receive 1 token every 10 minutes (3x more than before) and gain an additional 3 tokens every level up. This makes the game far more balanced between free and paid players.

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