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Domination: InnoGames Presents First PvP Mode in Kartuga

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Online games publisher InnoGames just revealed more detailed information about the first PvP mode in its 3D action game Kartuga. In Domination mode, two teams of four players each fight for the control of five capture points, which are represented by ghost ships. Holding capture points gives points to the teams – exponentially increased by the number of ghost ships under control. Holding all five ghost ships speeds up this process drastically. The first team reaching 2,500 points wins the battle.

The maps in the Domination mode also include cannon towers. Those can either be neutral, allied or hostile. Neutral and hostile towers will shoot at players’ ships. However, it is possible to take them over and fortify key areas of the map. Here, team play is again essential as a tower normally is too strong an enemy for a single ship. At the end of the battles, players do not only get a team score but also an individual one – based on personal performance. Defending and stealing capture points or towers influence this balance just as much as kills and deaths in the battle.

There are several possible strategies to win Domination. The success does not only rely on the ability of every single player in the battle but more on successful team play. A team which consists of rather light and speedy ships could try to avoid massive battles in the map’s heated areas and focus more on stealing capture points in the outer regions. On the other hand, a team with massive ships could concentrate on controlling the center and the two capture points in their own area. Holding three out of five capture points constantly would always lead to a victory at the end. The successful team is rewarded by bonuses of XP, gold and ship parts. However, also the members of the losing team gain all three of those resources.

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