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Discover a Menagerie of Guardian Spirits in Aura Kingdom

No adventurer should be without a loyal friend to aid them in their travels; that’s why Eidolons will be a cornerstone of gameplay in Aura Kingdom from Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games. These colorful summoned spirits will join players in the eagerly anticipated Anime massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).


While non-combat pets and mounts will also be available to players in Aura Kingdom, Eidolons will be essential companions and coveted prizes for avid collectors. Every Eidolon has its own set of attacks to use in battle, as well as the ability to join its master for powerful combo attacks that decimate enemies with flair. With the right items, players will also be able to level their Eidolons up for an even stronger battle partner.


Outside of combat, Eidolons remain lively companions. They retain memories of players’ past accomplishments—such as the bosses they’ve vanquished—and will frequently converse about them. Some of the more advanced and larger Eidolons can also be ridden as mounts, further adding to their utility.


Players will choose between one of four starting Eidolons when creating a character. Over the course of their adventure, they will have the opportunity to recruit a wide variety of additional Eidolons to round out their collection. More than a dozen will be present in the game at launch, with many more planned for release in subsequent content updates.

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