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DCUO’s Latest Feature is Weapon Mastery

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Amazon Fury PI

Combat is heating up in DC Universe Online! SOE released the highly anticipated Weapon Mastery feature in DCUO as a free game update for all players. Making combat more fun, dynamic and challenging, Weapon Mastery gives…

  • Heroes and Villains opportunity to play off of the type of character that uses varying weapons, such as Deathstroke or Arsenal.
  • Players the ability to master multiple weapon types and seamlessly combine them during combat.
  • Players more ways to reach maximum effectiveness with their power, as well as granting them greater flexibility and power during fights.

DCUO also released early access to the next DLC, Amazon Fury Part I, for Members. The latest content will officially be released on Tuesday, May 6.

Amazon Fury Part I introduces a band-new storyline featuring Wonder Woman, Circe, Hippolyta and the Amazons, as well as a new shared open area, Solo Iconic Visions, a 4-player Alert and two new duos.

More info on Amazon Fury Part I can be found here.

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