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Population Zero Announces Closed Beta in September

Enplex Games announced that their upcoming story-driven multiplayer, Population Zero will be kicking off a Closed Beta soon. This Closed Beta will begin on September 19th, and everyone is invited to sign up for it. There are also Founders Packs that guarantee access to the closed beta but are not required in order to be selected. There will be an Open Beta in 2020, and at that time, Population Zero will be a free-to-play MMO experience.

Players can wander Kepler however they please, and examine, befriend, and fight a variety of entities. There are two factions, but players can swap out at will by completing quests for one faction or the other. The Perk System will offer a great deal of agency for players to create a unique character, with the skills they desire. Between this, and the robust crafting system, players can explore Population Zero however they please.

Key Features:

  • Action-based PVP and PVE MMO with exploration and discovery at its core
  • A deep character building RPG system with loads of player choice
  • In-depth crafting, tech trees, and building systems
  • A perk system that gives player agency to create the character and skills they want
  • 2 Factions that a player can switch between by completing quests, these also affect the player’s physical biology
  • Explore Kepler, teeming with life you can hunt, adapt to, or befriend
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