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Defiance Goes Free to Play in Early June

Defiance Goes Free to Play Main Image

Trion Worlds has announced that Defiance will go free to play on June 4 (PC) and mid-July (console), just in time for the start of the SyFy series Season 2. All of the Bay Area storyline, original end-game content, and future missions will be playable for free.

All existing Defiance players will have the bonus of additional character slots, loadouts, ark keycode capacity, and inventory slots, plus a one-time grant of 1,000 Arkforge and 30 days of Paradise Patron status (which grants additional status buffs) for all who purchased the game.

Trion Worlds will host a livestream on Friday to field questions, and has also posted a detailed comparison of benefits and limitations when the new F2P model goes live.

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