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‘Dark Killers’ Arrive in Phantom of the Kill

A new series of events are coming to Phantom of the Kill this November, built around the Dark Purge story. The Dark Killers are evil princesses who serve the Dark Agent, purging any rebellious entities. The first chapter of this event is now available! The Dark Purge story is about a suspicious man adorned in black who appears before you, the player, on the way to Yggdrasil. They are the dark side of the Church of Ragnarok, and their task is to purge rebellious forces inside the Church. Somehow you are being pursued by the Dark Killers and being forced to deal with these powerful princesses.

Together with this story event, Dark Killer versions of Masamune and Artemis will also be available as premium units. Acquire the overwhelming prowess of these Dark Killers and aim to be on top!j This story is deeply tied to the Elysium story arcs, and there are more Dark Purge chapters on the way!

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