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League of Angels III Debuts a Third Mythic Hero

League of Angels Tabitha announcement

Victoria and Athena were the first Mythic Heroes added to League of Angels III – but they will soon be joined by Tabitha! Tabitha arrives in-game tomorrow (April 24th, 2019) and is a powerful offense-based Angel. She’s the last remaining descendant of the Royal Fire Dragon family and will be available in Featured Hero events. In addition, there’s a huge update coming at the end of April, with the 5.0.0 update. This will add a new real-time PVP mode, called Chess Hero. Players build a team and form a line-up of heroes to show off their tactical moves in real-time PVP battles. Players will grab mineral treasures to score more points, and get a higher rank in the X-server battles.

All League of Angels III players will receive a special gift code on Facebook to celebrate the update this week. These can be used for awesome rewards for their loyal fans. The League of Angels III website was also updated, with a new section called “Features”, which goes over the Chess Hero/Companions features. The new website has a new gallery to see high-quality images and information on Heroes, Companions, Mounts, and more in-game content.

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