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Cronous: New server opens on Thursday, November 13th

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JC Planet has announced that “Cronous” will open a new server named “Cronous – the classic MMORPG” on Thursday, November 13th. From this chance, Free-to-play PC game publisher, JC planet could expand its portfolio of free MMORPG games that would give different gaming experience to players.

Cronous is one of the classical MMORPGs such as Diablo which was released in the 90s. It consists of very easy and basic click for attack system. Players can select from the four classes: fighter, Valkyrie, savage and mage to begin with the adventure. During character creation, there is no option for customization but through leveling you can allocate rewarded skill points as your prospect. This feature allows you to build various characters even in the same job but have different skill sets.

Moreover, newly added server with JC Planet will have special features with providing free ultimate items with events. Especially “free item giveaway event” will be activated as the first welcoming event for the all players.

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