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TERA Begins PUBG Collaboration in March 2019

A month-long collaboration is coming to TERA, starring PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS, beginning on March 5th. This will launch simultaneously on PC, Playstation 4and Xbox One. TERA players can look forward to dropping in and engaging PUBG-style BAMs. Additionally, TERA x PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS will bring the chance to earn and unlock exclusive themed cosmetics and pets, and En Masse Entertainment will be running daily login bonuses for the duration of the limited-time crossover.

There will be decorative jeeps and planes littered around Highwatch, and TERA players will have to keep their eyes peeled for PUBG-themed consumables and air drops. This collaboration will have TERA players traveling the map, navigating challenging dungeons, searching out vehicles and BAMs.  Everyone’s skills will be put to the test to bring home the chicken dinner.

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