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Conquer Online 3.0 to Launch Kingdom War in September

Since the announcement about Conquer online 2.0 transitioning to 3.0, the subject of the major changes has provoked much discussion among players. After a two-year design and refit, drastic overall changes will happen. Kingdom War, Tempest Wings, Perfection System and The Soul of Ancient Hero will be updated in CO 3.0 one after another.

Kingdom War
The Kingdom War finally hits CO land after a long wait. With the CO Kingdom War breaking out soon, a new type of Union appears! Unions can only be founded by the leader of guilds. The greatest union on one server will obtain the power to become the monarch of the server and the server will become an independent kingdom.

The Emperor and Courtiers
In a kingdom, a stable Officials System is indispensable. Only one individual can become the Emperor of the kingdom and courtiers will be picked as the hands of the Emperor. The Emperor will wield the supreme power on the server: governing relations in his own kingdom and between kingdoms, appointing courtiers, and declaring wars. In addition, the Emperor has the right to draw from the treasury and to take concubines. Courtiers of various ranks will be in lofty positions, having won His Majesty’s highest favor. While ordinary players will participate in bloody wars among the multinational people, fighting for their hard won kingdom.

Imperial Harem
The Guild Chariot is a brand new feature in the world of Conquer. When fighters are under cover of a Guild Chariot, they can’t be attacked until the Guild Chariot is destroyed. The core of a Guild Chariot designing idea is to protect the low and moderate players.

Fighters under cover of a Guild Chariot

Tempest Wings
Don a pair of Tempest Wings, showing off your mastery of the CO world. Hover in the mystery land with the aid of wings which can also lift your attributes. In addition to Miraculous Gourd, Magical Bottle, Heaven Fan and Star Tower, Tempest Wings is the fifth and also the last Talisman in the world of Conquer.

Perfection System
A good set of equipment brings bonus damage, defense power, HP and other attributes, putting heroes at an advantage during battles. This system renders players’ weapons stronger and more powerful. Forging equipment in “Perfection System” is a path to achieving greater strength.

The Soul of Ancient Hero
The Souls of Ancient Heroes are helpers to fight alongside you. Guan Yu, The Monkey King, Zhuge Liang, Prince of Persia and other Souls of Ancient Heroes will fight alongside players. Players can collect as many Souls of Ancient Hero as they can. Five Souls of Ancient Heroes can be summoned at the same time to fight with players. Unlike teammates, The Souls of Ancient Heroes are not only a player’s own servants, but also offers the ability to transform into a Soul of Ancient Hero.

The Soul of Ancient Hero
Presently, the Co team is on the way to upgrade the in-game graphics and better the experience of gameplay. Train yourself and embrace the opening of the Realm!

Stay tuned for more coverage of Conquer Online 3.0 expansion. For more information about the new line, check out the Official website of CO 3.0.

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