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Combat Arms Releases The Assassin and Nemexis Labs

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Nexon has released a new update for combat arms, introducing a new map and a new class.

The new map, Nemexis Lab, is a PvE map where players must face off against Nemexis soldiers and four types of Mechs. Once inside the lab, players may also control a Mech themselves for team support.

Two new assassin characters, Wraith and Banshee, also make their debut. They currently have three exclusive weapons: the Assault Crossbow, which requires single-shot accuracy or can be used for a burst spread shot; the Explosive Crossbow, which uses explosive bolts that can be remotely detonated;  and the Synapse Scrambler, which reverses the victim’s mouse controls and slows their movement.  The assassins also gain two exclusive abilities: Caution, which lets players spot enemy traps and weapons; and Inner Focus, which lets the assassin sacrifice their stamina to regain HP.

Nexon also publishes Sudden Attack and Vindictus.

Combat Arms: Assassin and Nemexis Labs

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