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Combat Arms celebrates third anniversary

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Nexon’s Combat Arms is celebrating three years live, with lots of loot up for grabs.

The June update launched in time with the anniversary adds a new Daily Job system, which rewards players with equipment and weapon extensions for completing tasks assigned to them each day. A new weapons upgrade system will let players upgrade certain weapons after completing special tasks, and then trade it in for a Mark 2 weapon.

New third anniversary gera and weapons will be available through various events, including a special dog tag hunt where players can earn an epic weapon.

Nexon also publishes Vindictus, Mabinogi, and Dungeon Fighter Online.

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Combat Arms, the fast-paced online first person shooter from Nexon, is celebrating its third year in style this week with loads of anniversary-themed events and prizes up for grabs.

Players will be able to sport third anniversary-branded gear and weapons  after participating in various events throughout the June update, which is available now. The largest anniversary event is a dog tag hunt; special dog tags will be strewn about the game and will collectively spell out the phrase ‘COMBAT ARMS 3RD.’ Players can redeem the dog tags for special third anniversary prizes, including an epic weapon.

Also included in the June update is a brand new Daily Job system, where players will be given a new set of tasks every day upon logging in, rewarding players with weapons, equipment, and free extensions on NX weapons. These small tasks can range anywhere from  playing certain matches to capturing a few flags, so players should be on the lookout for in-game notices and messages.

For those players looking to upgrade some items in their vintage collection, a weapons upgrade system will also be featured in this update. Soldiers can upgrade specific weapons after completing certain tasks; for example, after getting 100 kills with one of the upgradable guns, players can trade it in for a Mark 2 version, adding power and versatility to their arsenal.

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