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Closers Releases First New Playable Character: Nata

Closers - Nata - Thumbnail

It wasn’t that long ago that Closers went live for a global audience, and with it comes a dedicated monthly update series. The first of these is a new playable character, Nata and their spinning blades! A part of a special rogue Closers group, the Wolfdogs, Nata was drafted against his will and channels that anger right onto the battlefield. With dual curved blades, Nata slices through enemies with deadly spinning attacks and can release an explosive column of energy rivaling the power of any Black Lamb. In addition to free DLC updates every month, unique Closers community events will be taking place, including the upcoming “Tina vs Harpy” community contest where Closers players will be able to choose the next character to be added to the Closers roster! More details will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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