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Lineage 2 Reveals Their 4th Dragon – Fafurion

Lineage 2 is getting ready for an intense new encounter, as the mighty Fafurion descends upon the game as the fourth dragon. The great Water Dragon Fafurion arrived on January 29th, and only the best and bravest can do battle with him. With this update also comes a new equipment grade – R110. Players who have been inactive will receive special boosters as well. Characters who are level 85 or higher will receive one rare item a day, from consumables to temporary epic equipment.  We also have a brief historical note on the dragons of Lineage below.

Historical Note:

The epic dragons are children of Shilen, the Goddess of Destruction, and the supreme god Gran Kain, who seduced and then abandoned her. They absorbed their mother's anguish and hatred towards other gods. In total there were six dragons. They led Shilen's army to fight against the gods but in the end, were defeated:

“The dragons kept fighting, though they were deeply wounded and riddled with scars. Their fatigue became more and more apparent, however. After a time, it seemed like the war would come to an end with the extermination of Shilen’s army. In the end, the dragons spread their wings and flew to the earth to escape.”

The Water Dragon Fafurion is one of Shilen’s children. After the war, he went to deep slumber on the bottom of the sea, and became part of the Elmoreden folklore. No one knows why, but he has awakened and is now threatening the people of Innadril. It seems that Fafurion's ultimate goal is to destroy the whole continent.

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