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Chapter 6 Update Live for Dragon Nest

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Nexon America has launched Dragon Nest’s latest update, Chapter 6: The Astral Coven.

Chapter 6 introduces the new town map, Lotus Marsh – a mossy zone where humans and the Dromaji live in a strained coexistence, and where the Astral Coven calls home. Players can access new dungeons through Lotus Marsh, including the Titan Nest and Arch Bishop Nest.

The update also increases the level cap to 50, and introduces new specializations and powers for every class. Dragon Nest will also be giving out free Scrolls of Unlimited Unlearnings for all players visiting the game at 4PM on Oct. 27 so that players can test out different skill trees for free for 24 hours.

Nexon also publishes Vindictus and MapleStory.

Dragon Nest Chapter 6: The Astral Coven Screenshots:

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