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Brave Frontier x Fairy Tale Collaboration

The exciting anime by Kodansha/Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tale is coming to the exciting world of gumi’s Brave Frontier in a collaboration! It takes place from Sept. 29th through Oct. 27th, where characters from Fairy Tale will join the Brave Frontier cast! It’s a limited time event, but fan favorites Natsu DragneelLucy HeartfiliaGray FullbusterErza Scarlet, and Mard Geer are able to be acquired during this period. There’s also the Collaboration Dungeon, “Fairy Tale” from Oct. 6th through 11th. In this, you battle all four Fairy Tale wizards and obtain Lacrima Crystals to craft exclusive Fairy Tail spheres: Silver Key, Gold Key, Diamond Key. From October 12th-17th “The Underworld” dungeon appears, where you can battle mard Geer to craft “Book of E.N.D.” a magical tome guarded closely by the Underworld King! If you complete the third mission, “Tartaros”, you acquire him as a unit! Of course, there’s also going to be a login/milestone campaign for 25 days of rewards for Summoners.

Work together with fellow Summoners to chalk up the number of clears for the “The Underworld” vortex dungeon. Hit the milestone clears and obtain Crystal Sets, Sphere Frog, Omni+ Materials and 1 Summon Ticket! Get out there, Summoner and get ready for incredible rewards and powerful new units!

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