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EnMasse Opens Up about Closers Cast of Characters

In En Masse’s title Closers, players will take on the role of a super-powered agent of UNION, an organization dedicated to dealing with aliens that are spilling through a series of portals appearing in New Seoul, Korea. Launch will offer five characters that are apart of the Black Lambs Team:

  • Seha: Reluctant combat savant.
  • Sylvi: Dedicated leader.
  • Yuri: Skilled martial artist, recently discovered their powers.
  • Misteltein: A young boy with incredible support skills.
  • J: A grizzled veteran with a troubled past.

Each of these characters has a unique skill set to go with their equally unique personalities and will punch, kick and blast their way through any threat that comes their way. They will unlock new skills weapons and powers for their quest to destroy this alien menace once and for all. Interested fans can click the link below to try and participate in the alpha test.

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