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Black Gold Online: Russian Open Beta Begins

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Black Gold Online

NIKITA ONLINE opens a limited access to the early version of Russian Black Gold Online and receives a major inflow of users signed up for initial testing in number yet unmatched even by the most prominent of the company’s previous titles.

The sheer number of users signed up to attend the closed beta test in a few days’ span makes it the biggest CBT a leading Russian online games publisher, NIKITA ONLINE, ever held.

“In a mere week since Black Gold Online was officially introduced to wide Russian-speaking audience, we managed to take off with the first release phase, a CBT. We could hardly manage this breakneck pace without comprehensive support from our partners at Snail Game as well as without our own team members’ ability to get into harness and work their guts out,” says NIKITA ONLINE’s Public Relations Manager Pavel Elchenko. “We knew it from the get-go that Black Gold Online would pick significant interest, but, frankly, the avalanche of users seeking for early access stroke as something considerably above our expectations.”

Currently users can still submit their CBT participant forms on the official Russian Black Gold Online web-site:

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