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Black Gold Online: Details for OB revealed

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Black Gold Online

As Black Gold Online enters its second month of Open Beta testing, the team at Snail Games is happy to reveal a few quick peeks at what’s to come for the game in the coming months. Players can look forward to some exciting new features, including new maps, a higher level cap, and overall optimization of the game.

Black Gold Online went into Open Beta testing on June 20, and for over a month fans have been able to explore the unique world of steampunk and magic. The Open Beta features a number of core game elements, including 12 playable classes with a variety of unique abilities, a fast-paced action combat system, an impressive open world of explorable environments, organized PvP and PvE, and special mounted combat. In the first major update to the game, planned for later this Fall, these key features will see exciting changes and expansions.

Changes to come include:

  • Level cap raised to 45, with new quests and activities to match
  • New tier of skill upgrades as players power up their characters
  • Expanded arsenal of gear with new T3 equipment types
  • Cross-server PvP function for Arenas and Battlefields
  • New world maps, instances, dungeons, and battlefields to be added
  • Balancing and optimization improvements to be implemented

The update will be available as an automatic free download. Players with up-to-date game clients will be able to open the client and connect to the servers to automatically receive the newest content. The update will also be available for direct download.

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