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Cloud Chamber: Story-based MMO launching next week

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Cloud Chamber

Investigate North’s story-based MMO, Cloud Chamber, is ready for global launch. Coming out next Thursday 7th August, its innovative mix of story explanation and collaborative investigation have been called everything from ‘peculiar, interesting and original’

Cloud Chamber – which won plaudits in the Scandinavian press and a ‘Game of the Year’ award during its Danish beta phase last year – casts players as users tracking confidential information through dreamily-rendered data landscapes. Their aim: to piece together a tale of murder, betrayal, electronica and astrophysics.

The game follows the investigations of young scientist Kathleen Petersen into the Petersen Institute, one of Europe’s most prestigious scientific centres. While investigating the suspicious circumstances of her mother’s death there, Kathleen uncovers a skein of astonishing revelations about her father, the Institute and the existence of communicative rhythms in the fabric of space. Soon she’s faced with an impossible choice between loyalty to her family and a duty to pass on what seems to be a mysterious warning to mankind.

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