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Black Desert Online Celebrates Summer with Exclusive Rewards

BDO Summer News - Main Image

Black Desert Online’s going big this summer! On top of existing Attendance Rewards, the Burning Attendance Reward/Guild Attendance Reward have been added in this week’s maintenance. Burning Attendance will last from this week until September 7th, and Adventurers will be immediately rewarded with items on each daily login. Other helpful items can be earned throughout the event period, including Shakatu’s Seals, Advice of Valks, Fine Accessory Box, and much more.  In addition, a new Accessory Set is to be released, Asula’s Crimson Eye Set [Necklace, Belt, Earrings, Ring]. It cannot be upgraded and can’t be put on the Marketplace. It’s the highest-level spec accessory set available to adventurers if considering it’s non-enhanced nature. There is another new event named “World Travel with Rulupee for 14 days.” You can travel all over the world of Black Desert with Rulupee, the finest guide; Items, Knowledge, Energy, and Old Moon Guild Gifts are thrown in throughout the event. Get a pre-quest from the Black Spirit and go find Rulupee at the Altinova Inn. The event will be available from August 19 to September 3.

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