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Das Tal Alpha Event around the corner

With a 9 day alpha event just around the corner on the 31st of October, the folk over at Das Tal have spent the last week making sure players have all the information they need when entering their world. A new video takes us from spawning in for the first time, to acquiring resources, and all the way up to skill leveling and item crafting.

“With Das Tal still being in alpha, we have found that a lot of players aren’t yet aware of all the features we already have in the game. With no hints or tutorials present yet, they wander around, kill a few NPC’s and then aren’t sure what to do. So we have focused on tasks that we have categorised as ‘Newbie Experience’ over the last couple of months. A lot of those tasks are in-game, but a good portion were tasks such as this video and​ Wiki, ​so that people have the information before they even log in.”

– David Wells, Head of Communications

The Wiki is also a great way for an indie team to display game information to its playerbase. With constantly changing features, it can be tricky for a small team to keep a website up to date. A simple Wiki format is a good way to have all the information in one place, especially when you can invite your players to contribute.

Das Tal has seen a lot of new and reworked features over the past months in preparation for this event launch. The devs say they plan to assess the features over the course of the event and then decide whether to kick off another server straight away, or take things back into the office for further tweaking. You can be a part of these alpha events by buying one of the development supporter packs on offer, or by signing up to their tester list.

We also have some alpha keys still available!

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