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Billion Lords Is Now Available on Google PLay

Billion Lords - image

Developed in Taiwan by Auer Media & Entertainment, Billion Lords, is now live on Google Play and for Pre-Order on iOS. There have been more than 300,000 pre-registrations, and all of the Pre-Registration Rewards are unlocked for all players. This includes General Furricane and an Afro-style Throne. In BIllion Lords, the God of Light defeated the former Overlord, and now you are one of the billions of other demons trying to stake a claim for the Throne of the Overlord. Invading other players dungeons and defeating them is key to success. Players also craft their own dungeons and can reconstruct them any time, whether they wanted to focus on heavy firepower or defenses, traps and sneakiness.

Players train minions and deal with countless defensive plans. They can also challenge endless waves of Braves in the Tower Defense mode. Generals are powerful and lovely, each has 2 abilities to cast in both invade mode and TD mode. The form and ability of the Generals will be enhanced as the level increases. For example, Sandy Worm’s ultimate “Desert March” deals area damage to enemies at primary and also increase nearby allies’ defense after enhanced. Enjoy cultivating your generals while building your evil lair.

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