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Atlas Reactor Season 5 is Underway

Atlas Reactor - Season 5 News - Image

The competitive tactics game Atlas Reactor kicks off 2018 with a bang! Season 5 starts today, with brand new content like the cyborg Freelancer, Vonn, the Scion of Ice. An advanced cyborg who weaponizes supercooled water to create shields and projectiles, Vonn adds a chilling new element to any battlefield. Vonn is a firepower freelancer with strong area of effect damage, utilizing slowing effects and damaging shields to stay alive.  Players can also earn prestige points based on their Season 4 rankings that can be spent on golden ability effects and earn loot matrices from alerts, daily missions or from direct purchases in the store.  In addition to this, from now until February 20th, players can celebrate Valentines Day with new skins and emblems that have been added to the “Mad Love” loot matrix.

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