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Atari Launches Hybrid City-Builder and Space Shooter ‘Lunar Battle’

Lunar Battle _ Lunar Battle – Build, Explore, Destroy – Main Image

Atari launches a hybrid city-builder and space shooter called Lunar Battle on mobile devices which is now available! Build a base, defend your colony and harvest resources in this free to play title! This captivating free-to-play city-builder incorporates arcade-style combat elements originally popularized in classic Atari space shooters such as Asteroids and Star Raiders for a unique gaming experience on mobile. As a member of a brave crew of intergalactic explorers, your journey begins when you crash-land on a mysterious, inhospitable planet deep in space. Gathering resources and building infrastructure will be essential to ensuring your fellow explorers can endure the desolate terrain and prosper into a growing populace amidst alien threats.  A self-sufficient economy will be key to excelling, and base-building, exploration, and taking part in PVE, as well as asynchronous PVP dogfights, will delight the players.  50 levels of action are in the game to keep players challenged and excited the whole time.

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