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Armored Warfare World on Fire Backstory Teased

Armored Warfare World on Fire Backstory Teased news header

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher have today shared the first look at Armored Warfare’s backstory setting up the events players will be engaging in during their epic online battles.

The world in which Armored Warfare takes place is the same as ours, but with economic and political chaos that has caused the nations of the earth to begin to crumble. Private military contractors (PMCs) have become the bane and saviors of any hope for the world to return to the civilization that started to decline in the 21st Century. Players will have the choice between being a savior or a destroyer in a world where conflict is business.

For more information you can read a detailed article about the backstory of Armored Warfare on the official Armored Warfare website.

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