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ArtCraft Entertainment Begins Next Phase of Crowfall Testing

ArtCraft Entertainment Begins Next Phase of Crowfall Testing

Independent game developer ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. today announced the kick-off of the next phase of pre-alpha testing for its flagship MMO, Crowfall. A new type of online experience, Crowfall is described as a Throne War Simulator in which thousands of players vie for glory, wealth and power in a game of feudal empire building and territorial conquest.

“This is a critical phase of development,” explained ArtCraft Co-Founder and Crowfall Executive Producer Gordon Walton. “This round of testing adds core RPG elements like monsters and grouping – as well as a host of performance improvements to make combat more immersive and visceral.”

In addition, this milestone introduces a new hero: the Champion, described by ArtCraft as “a hulking skull-crusher who towers over his opponents and pulverizes everything in his path.” The Champion joins the Knight, the Confessor and the Centaur Legionnaire to become Crowfall’s next playable archetype.

“The core philosophy of our team is to over-deliver. As with our last test, we are unveiling more content and more features than expected, and we are delivering them on the date that was promised,” says ACE Co-Founder and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman.

Riding on the momentum of a successful Kickstarter campaign in March of this year, Crowfall has established itself as one of the most successful crowdfunded projects in video game history. Total project funding (from pledges and investment) currently stands at almost $6 million, and more than 95,000 players have registered at for next year’s open beta test.

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