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ArcheAge Announces PvP-Focused Bloodsong Update

ArcheAge is preparing for a new major update: BloodSong. BloodSong will bring new arenas and other major PvP changes to improve the competitive landscape.

The two newest arena modes are Skirmish (3v3) and Sparring (1v1). These arenas ignore stats from your equipment and bar the use of potions. Instead, players must choose from a selection of eight Gladiator Buffs designed for specific weapon use. Players only have ten seconds to pick a buff before the match starts, or the system decides, so players will have to think quick.

Bloodsong also includes improvements to the Castle Siege mechanics. Sieges will be increased to 100 v 100, with attackers having their full 100-man force at the start of a battle while defenders must hold their ground with only 60 players before calling on another 40 players 40 minutes into the skirmish. Buildings will now be attackable, and the Archeum Lodestone will need to be repaired after a fight now. Sieges will no longer only be about kills, but will also involve territory and castle-building.

Open world PvP is also seeing some changes. The number of kills required to change a zone from Conflict to War is reduced, and timers in some zones have been adjusted to give more chances for honor. These changes and more will be hitting the PTS this week.

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