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The Alchemist Code Releases Chapter 2 and Winter Festivities

The Alchemist Code Chapter 2 News - Image

As the year comes to an end, The Alchemist Code releases exciting year-end festivities and Chapter Two of their story. It introduces a new protagonist and a steampunk-esque kingdom. Slothstein is the setting, and Edgar L. Leonhart is a zealous sharpshooter traveling the world on his Alchemia bike and prized gun, Betty. Is he just a womanizing gunslinger? Or is there something more to him? Find out in Chapter 2! There’s also the “Hunt for Santa” in Babel Quest, going from December 21st-January 3rd. Lofia, Shayna, and Rosa travel to Lustburg to find the elusive “Santa”, seen delivering presents to the less fortunate. Character skins are also available in the Winter Holiday Secret Shop, and bundles will also be available from December 25th-January 1st, which offers up to 70% more value. There will also be an experience-boosting event to power-up your characters, from December 25th-January 1st called “The Way of the True Skills Event”.  And finally, there’s a countdown Lucky Draw & Mystery Bag Contest,  where players complete certain dungeons every day to get a Countdown and Mystery Tickets. These can be used to get gifts at the Door of Truth.

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