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SMITE JIng Wei MMOHuts Giveaway

SMITE Escape the Underworld Jing Wei Giveaway

Our promotional partnership with Hirez Studios continues this week as we celebrate 3rd person MOBA, SMITE‘s, release of Jing Wei and the Escape from the Underworld event!

Jing Wei is the latest Goddess to join the Chinese pantheon! Offering an array of acrobatic skills, she sets the mobility stat to the maximum. Take to the skies as this reincarnated bird princess and keep your foes guessing with her mid-air directional shifts! Grab your code below to unlock not only her, but her launch alternative skin code!

To Use Your Key In-Game:

  • Download SMITE from the official site.
  • Register an account and log-in.
  • Access the store button and click the left tab for activation.
  • Paste your code in to unlock Jing Wei and her alternative skin!
  • Note: Codes only valid on PC edition.
Giveaway is no longer active.
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  • martos30

    i haven’t received yet the confirmation mail….

    • ivo

      Me neither

      • asdf

        Neither did I…

    • Poro

      I am the same

      • Hi Poro – we’re trying to debug this issue. To help, could you tell us the email provider you use when you registered your account? Thanks.

    • martos30

      and the keys goes down…..

    • Gloria Yuniasari

      Yep.. that’s suck

    • Hey martos30 – we’re looking into why some users are reporting they have not received a confirmation email. To help us find out why it’s happening, could you tell us the ISP/Email Provider your using for your email? We may need to reach out to them regarding this. Thanks.

      • Martos30

        i use gmail

  • NewBiePie

    it’s a hoax

    • Definitely not a hoax, but something may be gummed up with our email confirmation system – which I am looking into at the moment.

  • DizzyPW

    Hey everyone, sorry for those having issues with our email
    confirmation system. We’ve acknowledged there is an issue with
    connecting our emails to certain email providers and are looking into
    resolving the issue. In the meantime if you can message me on our
    forums, I’ve enabled non-confirmed accounts to be able to private
    message for the time.

    I’ll get back to you shortly with a Jing Wei code in a reply PM.

  • John

    I’m having problems registering… I used hotmail and I made another account with gmail and nothing.

  • Δημήτρης Ρέινορ

    Hey,i have the same issue as the others.i am a gmail user and i have not received the conf mail.

  • Evandro Pedro

    thanks for the giveaway!