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Herowarz Closed Beta Key Giveaway

MMOHuts has partnered with KOG Games to welcome an exciting new IP to their company with Herowarz! Experience no holds barred narrative as you explode through a colorful and deadly MMOARPG adventure!

Herowarz is an extremely unique title. It combines hilarity with the ridiculous, then gut punches you in the feels a minute later. Combining this amazing world building and narrative is high mobility twitch based ARPG combat that feels like a whole new world with each character you make. While closed beta will be limited to five characters, we can expect a full roster of 15 unique heroes for the PvE segments at launch! Acquire contracts with powerful summons, obtain the strangest mounts you’ve ever seen in an MMORPG, and battle to maintain sanity and reality in a world on the brink of obliteration!

    Notes on Closed Beta:
  • Region Locked to North America, Australia, and New Zealand. No locales will become available at launch!
  • This is an authentic closed beta to obtain player feedback. Your character(s) will be wiped at the end.
  • Players that reach level 15 will obtain an exclusive set of costumes never again obtainable when the game returns to open beta!
    To Redeem Your Key:
  • Visit the HeroWarz CBT Giveaway Home Page.
  • If new to KOG Games, create and account. If you’re an existing Elsword
    player, use your account to login.
  • Once registered, respond to the email to verify your account.
  • Once verified, enter in your CBT Key Code and you’re good to go!
  • Afterwards, CBT updates will be sent to your registered email address
  • Visit and Like the HeroWarz Facebook page for daily stories and updates
    regarding all things HeroWarz!
Giveaway is no longer active.
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  • Neko “Nekomancer” Beko

    Region Locked FeelsBadMan ;<

    • Same, I used a vpn

      • Neko “Nekomancer” Beko

        Which VPN did you use?

        • Hotspot shield, Only the sign up page is region locked, I have it disabled while playing and I have no issues

          • Neko “Nekomancer” Beko

            Oh cool! Thanks man! ;)

          • Yuuki

            You can alsoalso use soft ether with vpn gate. If you ever needs vpns

  • oppaoppa

    GDGV-TFDC-EE88-8413 first come first serve