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*Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and isn't available for play.
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  • Sunga

    The game is NA restricted only, cant access from outside, just another IP block garbage game, next.

    • VampirToza

      i think ur doing something wrong buddy, im from EU and im playing without any probs

  • VampirToza

    Surprisingly i find this game relaxing and fun(took me a while to install it, didn’t rly think it would be fun for me), WASD + mouse controls make the combat fun, the story isn’t that long(was fun for me tho) but there is fun and challenging stuff to do after (where the main story kinda continues i guess). Give it i try.

  • Toxicflux

    They just announced they are shutting down for a whole year in April. It’s dead boys, that didn’t take very long.