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Savage Hunt

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  • Thomas Maher

    It open now.

  • Roci

    Opening today, and with any luck,closing later today. I’ve been playing computer games since chips were 4 bits, and Music for games was 8 bit. If this MESS is a “successor” to some other game, it’s pathetically simple to see why the first game bit the dust
    DULL as set of cheap steak knives, Repetitive to a flaw, with an interface that will put anyone who has ever played an online game off their tea. Because there was no obvious way out of this nightmare, I had to use the three finger salute to make this pathetic excuse for a program let go of my computer when I had endured enough of it. Don’t waste your time. In point of fact, save yourselves some downloading time, and run away screaming from this thing right now!

    • BM03

      That’s one… Savage Review.