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Weekly Recap (Art; SoulWorker)
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  • Nobody

    Mortal Online is one of the most original games that I’ve ever played, but it’s also one of the worst executed.

    MO has many great ideas. The cooking is by far the best of most games. There is no formulas, no rng. You pick out ingredients yourself then throw it into a pot and the outcome is as good as your ingredients. It’s just like real life. Crafting other things is similar; you can pick and choose materials, but there are more restrictions. Even most other “sandbox” games makes you follow strict formulas and guidelines when it comes to crafting. The taming system is pretty nice. Many other games don’t even let you tame your own mounts at all. Sandbox wise, MO lacks a few things such as strong housing. Only subscribers have housing, compared to some other games where everyone has housing. Some sandbox games lets you have farms and stuff, but MO’s priority is in PvP so that sort of stuff is ignored. ALOT of content are missing, but you know, it’s indie. Everything feels a bit clunky too.

    But the really sad part is how all this stuff goes to waste because of how it’s done. First of all, MO’s own launcher doesn’t even work. Funny how a game that’s five years old lacks it’s own launcher. You NEED to download it through steam. Then there’s the bugs. If you think it’s normal for games to have some bugs then you haven’t seen this game. It’s extremely buggy. The devs don’t do much to help it. They want to keep on pushing out random updates and break things that’s not broken instead of fixing core things. Not to mention that the community is toxic.