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Xiah Rebirth is a 3D fantasy MMORPG that styles itself an ‘Asian-Themed Martial Arts’ game.  In reality, Xiah Rebirth is an old game that resembles early action action RPGs in both graphics and gameplay style.  With only four classes, no appearance customization and a tiny game world (nine maps), Xiah Rebirth has limited appeal beyond game veterans.

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Publisher: Xiah Global Services
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Low Quality
EXP Rate: Low
PvP: Open PvP on channel 3
Filesize: 625 MB

Pros: +Dozens of skills. +In-game tips on what to hunt each level. +New Quests received automatically.

Cons: -Primitive graphics and interface. -No character customization. -Only four classes. -Small game world (nine maps.) -Poor text translations. -Clumsy camera.

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Xiah Rebirth Overview

The graphic and interface style in Xiah Rebirth is reminiscent of old-school action RPGs that littered the market in the early 1990′s -but Xiah is anything but action packed.  Movement feels sluggish and combat is repetitive and predictable.  All players start in the same city, receive quests automatically each level and explore the (small) game world as they level up.  Interestingly, there is a base level, a ‘Fame’ level and a separate experience meter that fills to reward players with skill points.  Xiah is a simple game with no appearance customization options.  Creating a character consists solely of selecting one of four classes:

Sword Man - (male) The Sword Man uses sword and blade weapons to deal damage at melee range.   They posses many defensive abilities that make them useful tanks.
Ghost Fighter - (male) The rogue class of Xiah, Ghost Fighters battle with talon and tonfa weapons.  Their ability to use poison and move quickly make them deadly opponents.
Mage - (female) The only pure spellcaster of the group, Mages are frail but deadly from a distance.  Aside from casting offensive spells, they can heal, buff, and even summon monsters to aid them in combat.  Their weapons of choice include the fan and the brush.
Warrior - (male) Warriors are the most powerful class with melee weapons.  Wielding either a claw or axe, Warriors can deal heavy damage but are slower than the other classes.

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Full Review

Xiah Rebirth Review

By Erhan Altay

Xiah Rebirth is just one of many old MMORPGs that are still supported by publishers here in the North American market.  Games like Xiah, Cronous, and Darkeden are all past their prime, but still have small followings.  Whether it’s nostalgia or the simple gameplay that draw people to these aging games, I can’t say.  All I know is that Xiah Rebirth is a poor game that, despite its age, still has dozens of bugs, glitches and grammar errors which lead me to believe even the publisher, Games Campus, doesn’t take it seriously.

8072  500x375 xiah rebirth ghost fighter

What Class am I?

Games Campus has one of the sleekest websites of any free MMORPG publisher, so new players may be forgiven for having high expectations going in.  Once launched, it doesn’t take long to realize how limited Xiah Rebirth really is.  There is a single live server with three channels, the third acting as the open PvP channel.  Each account has three character slots, but with only four classes in total this should be enough.  Character creation involves scrolling through four avatars; three males and one female.  Each avatar represents one of the game’s four classes; Sword Man, Warrior, Mage, and Ghost Fighter.  Oddly, Xiah Rebirth doesn’t feel obliged to inform players which avatar represents which class.  It isn’t difficult to figure out that the big brutish guy is the warrior, that the elegantly dressed woman is the mage, and the sneaky, shadowy man is the ghost fighter (rogue), and that the man that looks like a knight is the sword man, but every game should clearly label the class choices.  For more info on each class, take a look at the overview tab.  The only thing worth mentioning here is that new players should avoid the mage class, as it is dependent and much weaker early on.

8063  500x375 xiah rebirth city

Lost in Time

New players start the game in a map called Prairie Area, which consists of a town and a few low level monsters on the outskirts.  While there is no formal tutorial, players receive game tips each level informing them on what monsters to hunt.  Xiah has standard point and click movement, but the camera is a bit awkward.  To rotate the camera, players must move the pointer to the left or right edge of the screen rather than holding right click and pivoting the camera freely.  The W,A,S,D keys are also used to rotate the camera and the mouse wheel zooms in and out.  The interface menus such as the character and inventory screen look very primitive.  Similarly, the graphics in general look out dated and bland.  In grassy areas the ground is a uniform shade of green, character models are blocky, and attack animations are simplistic.  Poor graphics are excusable for old games, but glitches that get you stuck on corners and fences are not.  The fact that it’s still possible to get stuck on a wall or bridge is proof that the developers stopped caring about the game long ago.

Behind Door Number One…

For those who can look past the dated graphics, the next step is to make it out of town and into a hunting zone.  There are two portals that lead away from the starting zone but the game never specifies which new player should take.  I gambled and went north only to find myself in a high level map where I was promptly killed in one hit by the first monster I found.  After resurrecting and heading to the other portal I entered the zone where I would be spending much of my game time.  If you made it this far you’ve already seen about a third of Xiah Rebirth’s game world.  There are literally only nine maps in this game, with at least one consisting of nothing but a town.  But, don’t be alarmed – the few zones that are available are put to good use.  The level cap is well above 100 and the experience rate slows down considerably after the first few levels.  One of the most constant complaints veterans make to the publisher is the slow experience rate, which can only be sped up with cash shop items.

8068  500x375 xiah rebirth encounter

Quest While Grind

For those willing to put in the effort, there is at least the consultation of frequent quests to complete.  Each level new quests will automatically be received with their objectives clearly spelled out.  Generally, quest text is coherent compared to much of Xiah’s other attempts at the written English language.  Even the ‘create’ button during character creation is misspelled!  Most quests simply ask the player to kill a certain number of a monster,  but many of the early ones involve interacting with NPCs.  One quest asked me to repair an item (via the blacksmith) while another just wanted me to talk to a certain NPC back in town.  I usually don’t mind this sort of quest since they’re easy experience, but Xiah Rebirth caused me to hesitate mainly because of the sluggish movement speed.  I really have no intelligent explanation of why characters move so slowly in Xiah.  The only consolation is that monsters move even slower.  It’s almost laughably easy to out run monsters.  If a fight doesn’t seem to be going your way, just turn around, take a few steps and the monster will have forgotten about you.

8075  500x375 xiah rebirth image

Martial Arts

I’ve talked about many of the game’s weaknesses because they are so evident, but it does get a few things right.  The skill system, aptly titled ‘Martial Arts’ gives players quite a few ways to grow their characters.  Killing monsters not only levels up a player’s base level but also fills a small yellow bar located under the experience meter.  Every time this smaller bar fills, the player is rewarded with a skill point.  These skill points can be distributed a number of ways.  All characters have four skill branches; Hard Force (activated skills/spells), Soft Force (passive skills), Five Elements, and Rebirth Martial Arts.  Skills have minimum level and stat requirements so be sure to take a look at them before distributing your stat points.  Xiah has four basic but effective stats; Strength (damage), Stamina (defense), Dexterity (attack rating), and Energy (life.)  Each level, players are rewarded three points to allocate between these four stats.

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Bonus Features

Almost every MMORPG has some sort of pet system and Xiah Rebirth is no different.  Players can purchase or tame pets which can then level up along with the player.  A simple resource gathering feature is also available allowing players to mine for precious materials.  The trouble is, both mining and pets are heavily dependent on cash shop items, which puts them out of the reach of most players.  I can see why Xiah has managed to limp along for all these years, the game simply will not let players max out.  Players can be ‘reborn’ at least six times, gaining more powerful martial arts skill each time.  Even the ‘Five Element’s branch of the skill tree must be leveled up separately.  As for PvP, it is available but only on the third channel.  Guild wars are the most interesting late game PvP diversion but the game’s small (and shrinking) population put this out of reach for new players.

Final Verdict: Poor

Xiah Rebirth was a bad game years ago and has only gotten worse since.  The fact that many known bugs were never fixed shows that the developers have no interest in improving the game, so I cannot recommend new players to take it any more seriously.  It may hold nostalgic value for some and it may even draw in a few gamers looking for an old-school experience, but you have been warned: enter at your own risk.


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Xiah Rebirth Links

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System Requirements

Xiah Rebirth System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium III 800 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 800MB
Graphics Card: Radeon 7500

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 1.3GHz or better
RAM: 512MB or more
HDD: 1.3 GB
Graphics Card: Radeon 8500 or better

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