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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

Repulse is a MMOFPS developed by Aeria Games in which teams of soldiers in a futuristic post-apocalyptic setting oppose each other through a variety of game modes, ranging from team deathmatch to (zombie) invasion. Repulse boasts a variety of interesting game modes, steady aesthetics and a solid customization potential.

47824  320x240 repulse assault

Publisher: Aeria Games
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: N/A
PvP: Arena/Match based
Filesize: 2510mb

Pros:+Stunning character & weapon graphics. +Good variety of game modes. +Unique abilities add tactical potential. +Informative, thorough tutorials. +Solid character/weapon customization.

Cons: -Fast paced yet repetitive action. –Stiff animations. –Time limited weapons & armor. –Only 3 classes. –Maps look so-so.


Repulse Overview

Repulse is Aeria Games’ latest MMOFPS, and with previous successes such as Wolf Team and Alliance of Valiant Arms, it’s hardly surprising to see them once again tempting the FPS market. Repulse brings you into a futuristic, dystopian style world, where you embody a soldier fighting for mankind’s survival. The story isn’t very present however, and the focus is mostly on the good ol’ twitch shooting, zombie invasions (with added bonus of alien zombie), and the awesome looking customization. It’s worth noting that you can even customize your gear, with such good things as scopes and heat lasers. You get to pick one of three following classes;
Assault: This class wields assault rifles, shotguns, and generally has higher defense ratings. Its unique ability is the capacity to make sudden giant leaps forward.
Sniper: The sniper uses long range rifles, machine pistols, and tends to be a balanced between mobility and armor. It has the ability to use cloaking devices to hide from the enemy.
Engineer: The engineer uses mainly submachine guns, pistols and repairing guns. It’s by far the most mobile but least damaging class. Its ability, fittingly, is to make sudden hopping dodges in any direction of the player’s choice.

Repulse Screenshots

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Full Review

Repulse Review

If you’ve played any FPS by Aeria Games, though mostly Alliance of Valiant Arms, you’ll know that they know what they’re doing. It’s worth saying right away that Repulse doesn’t introduce, or attempt to introduce incredibly new concepts. Barring unique abilities, you’re not going to be seeing a lot of innovation. What it does is introduce some fast-paced shooting, with solid customization, and some (unintentionally) hilarious voice acting. All this is nice and all, but the FPS market is highly competitive, and a lot of other incredibly polished shooters out there compete for your attention. So in the end, how does it fare? Read on and see!
The ABCs…
It’s worth saying it right away; this is a newbie friendly FPS. That’s a trait rarely associated with first person shooters, but Repulse can boast this due to having one of the most thorough tutorials out there. Not only that, but it rewards you for doing it by giving you some solid credits to buy yourself some starter gear with. It introduces you to genre basics, if you actually haven’t played a FPS before, and it has tutorials for the unique actions as well. At last, it drops you into an all-out survival match against friggin’ dinosaurs to test your newly acquired skills. Now, this isn’t the end-all feature, but it is nice and refreshing to see a free-to-play that puts some effort on that aspect. If you’ve played this kind of game before, it shouldn’t be too much of a transition; everything is fairly straightforward, just log in, gear up and go. It’s also worth noting that if you actually enjoyed the story on their site, don’t expect to find any here, it’s purely background and never actually mentioned in-game.

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… Of Pow-Pow-Pow!
Now on to the gameplay itself; it’d be a good start to say that it’s no Call of Duty, but it’s still pretty neat. The combat is basically a twitchy shooter, you have players leaping left and right, and players are definitely rewarded for being able to predict movement. Each of the 3 classes contributes a different flavor to the action, with assault being able to make great leaps across the field, snipers being able to cloak, and engineers having the ability to dodge during gunfights(or just hop around for extra speed). Add in a solid selection of customizable guns, and firefights can get pretty interesting. Essentially, you win credits from matches, or buy gold with real money, in order to upgrade or buy new timed gear. The main thing most people won’t like is definitely that your gear expires, and that longer durations require a steadier investment. On another note, each time you die, your character calls out some badly voiced, overly dramatic line, so you might want to turn off voices in the menu, unless you enjoy hearing “Why!?” every time you die.

49983  500x375 c fraps screenshots repulse 2012 02 23 15 55 38 65
Pimp My Gear
Every class has mostly different sets of gear, with pistols and grenades being available to all. The character models, upgrades and weapons are stunning looking, which makes it almost worth it to get matching gear just for the looks rather than the stats. Some weapons definitely stand out, such as the “Matter Divider” that looks like something right out of Warhammer 40K. Hell, you can even get a pink gun if that’s your thing. You can pick from a variety of guns, and then add some modifications, such as scopes or mounted heat lasers. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and birdies, because while your character might look all pimped out, the maps you fight in look downright ugly, with some being at best average looking. Team deathmatch maps are particularly simplistic, with one of them consisting of basically one big room, some pillars and two corridors, definitely not enough room to play with all those toys.

49986  500x375 c fraps screenshots repulse 2012 02 23 16 17 57 63
Zombies? Well Of Course!
At this point, you must be wondering if this was the first FPS without zombies – ever. Well, worry not, because they are indeed present in Repulse’s very own invasion mode, which has the human team try to survive a sort of alien-created zombie infestation until the time reaches 0. And this is just one of the few modes offered. One of Repulse’s positive design ideas is that it does not fear to pepper on some gameplay modes, and there is a lot to choose from here. CTF, bomb disposal, team deathmatch, invasion, there’s just about something for every style. That’s not to say that all of these are excellent, but they add much needed variety to relieve the repetitiveness of traditional modes such as team deathmatch. For an example, Evac has players steal a circuit and then escape, while Sabotage has your team retrieve a variety of energy cells found throughout the map to power some sort of giant weapon. There’s even a melee only mode, because, why not?

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Final Verdict: Good
Repulse is a solid MMOFPS with some pretty stylish elements and an item-centric progression system that, while not pleasing everyone, will charm its share of fans with its shiny good looks. It doesn’t innovate very much, but it doesn’t seem to intend to, and its variety of game modes, along with its collection of weapons, should be able to keep you entertained for a bit. It’s a good game that doesn’t excel in any particular point, and it provides a reasonable sci-fi FPS experience that could definitely have been easily served with a tad bit more storyline integrated into the game. That said, give it a try, but don’t expect anything crazy.


Repulse Videos

Official Gameplay Trailer


Repulse Links

Shut down.

System Requirements

Repulse System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows (R) Vista/ XP/2000 (95/98/ME/NT/Server are not supported)
Graphics Card: GEFORCE 4600GT 256MB
DirectX: 9.0c

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows (R) Vista/ XP/2000 (95/98/ME/NT/Server are not supported)
Graphics Card: GEFORCE 9800GT 512MB
DirectX: 9.0c or better

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