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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Fairy Story Online Overview

Fairy Story Online is a new MMORPG developed by the Chinese studio Ngames. The graphic style and theme make it a child friendly virtual world to explore. Fairy Story has many features to encourage friends to play together and for players to make new friends in-game. A marriage system which rewards couples with special skills highlights the commitment to building a virtual community. Fairy Story Online looks simple to play, and the bright anime inspired graphics make it attractive without requiring high system specs.


Naughty - Attuned to nature, these children improve their skills by exploration and the use of magic. Their birthplace is Grass Field.

Brave - Not afraid to take hits for their friends, brave children make great melee fighters. Their birthplace is Petal Lake.

Sympathy - Kind children who use their magical abilities to heal and encourage allies. Their birthplace is Willow Village.

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Full Review

Fairy Story Online Review

By, Jaime Skelton

The first English MMORPG published by Game 321 (Ngames), Fairy Story Online is a whimsical anime styled game set in a half-fantasy, half-realistic world. In it, players take the role of children growing up to become heroic hunters, solving mysteries and making friends along the way. With social, pet, crafting, and specialization systems, Fairy Story comes equipped with the full tools of an MMORPG, but leaves something lacking.

29926  500x375 fairy story online character creation

Have a Kid

Character creation in Fairy Story takes a little diversion from traditional MMOs; instead of selecting a race or gender and then customizing, players must choose one of six basic characters complete with their own look. There are three girls and three boys, each with different backgrounds (one girl is a tomboy; one boy is fat and “likes eating”). Each also has a few hair styles and hair colors players can pick from. This allows for a small amount of variety; however, characters created with the same child template still generally look the same.

In addition to choosing a child, players must select one of three classes (personalities). Brave types are warriors, and specialize in either attack or defense. Sympathetics are healers, and may specialize either in healing or “sports,” a monk-like physical attack. Naughty rounds out the classes as a magic attacker, and may choose either fire or curses. Along with determining a character’s class, selecting a personality also determines the starting area and first pet – although none of that matters after level 5.

29923  500x375 fairy story ngames

A World of Falling Castles

Adjusting to the world of Fairy Story Online isn’t too difficult at first. Like many MMOs, quests are denoted by yellow exclamation marks over NPC’s heads, with the familiar question mark returning for quests in progress or completing. A skill bar lines the bottom of the screen to hotkey attacks and items; above it are several icons leading to areas like the inventory, character screen, and skill tree. Cruising through the UI at the start for just two minutes will easily acclimate a player to everything they need to locate during the game. An extra note: movement is click-based only; there are no WASD or arrow-based controls.

While the UI is easy to adapt to, the world of Fairy Story and questing in it may not be. The localization of the game is poor, from bad spelling (“there are different kinds of rumors in our vllige, someone said it is a meteror”) to poor word choice (finding wasp’s “Anal Stylet” instead of their stinger). Combine the confusion of badly translated quest text with the inability (with rare exception) to map to a quest’s destination unless it’s the final one, and getting stuck trying to figure out how to complete a quest becomes a common occurrence. The story also remains strangely confusing; although the first quests tell the player of a UFO/castle falling from the sky into the hills, quests will instead send players off on errands to collect parts from insects for some vague purpose.

29930  500x375 fairy story online cute skills

Crab Claws and Snap Guns

Armed with very unimpressive weapons – characters are, after all, children, and the equipment and weapons you will find along the way reflect their youthful nature – you’ll be quickly sent off to kill insects. Combat is a combination of using skills taken directly from your skill tree (characters get no other skills other than their basic attack as part of their training, making skill tree choices very important) and auto-attacking. Auto-attacking is not automatic in individual combat, meaning that you will have to toggle it on each fight you enter from the skill bar.

If you choose a Brave, or even a Sympathetic character to start, you may find combat pretty easy and a little boring. Naughty characters may find combat a little more tricky, as they are given ranged weapons to start which seem to have an odd penchant for not sticking to auto-attack properly. However, Naughty characters can more easily rely on skills for killing with the trade-off of using more potions; even at early levels, Naughtys can easily AoE a group of monsters without much danger to themselves.

29935  500x375 fairy story online map

Tots and Bots

Fairy Story is a casual game, and makes no attempts to hide it. Rather than force players to grind monsters ad-nausea themselves, the game offers two bot-like options and a combat aid to help players get experience without having to work hard for it. The combat aid itself allows players to automatically restore their health at certain percentages with potions, and auto-pick up loot. These options are built in to the auto-fighter itself, but will stay enabled and work in manual combat as well, saving players the hassle of finding and using potions in a time of crisis.

The auto-fight option unlocks at level 15. Players can simply press ‘A’ and begin automatically killing what ever is near them, and will continue to do so until they die or the player returns to stop the bot from continuing. This is a pretty effective tool, as monsters tend to spawn in moderate clumps that can keep a character indefinitely occupied with killing. If you’re low on potions, however, or want a safer grinding method, you can also head to town to the dancing square. This is available at level 10, is completely safe, but offers a lower experience rate than at-level bot farming. It also serves as amusement for people running through town, as they can stop and watch dozens of kids beat-boxing to dance music with their bored pets in tow and three adult dancers leading the way. The game’s bot system is similar to the bot systems in Magic World Online, With Your Destiny, GodsWar Online and Neverland Online.

29940  500x375 fairy story online screenshot

Joining Classes and Drilling Holes

Fairy Story aims to offer a special social element by incorporating many common friendship themes found in other free-to-play MMOs. Players can, of course, friend each other, and there are daily events to partake in. Players can also form and join classes, which are essentially guilds of up to thirty people. Classes get special quest lines, so it benefits players to join a class early and become friends with others to complete these quests. Fairy Story Online also offers a marriage system with special skills available only to the married couple, although this last system seems out of place in a game where children are joining classes and clearly not adults.

There is also a crafting system, with four different components. Found at the refining machines in cities, any player can improve their gear. Refine allows you to raise the base stats of your gear, adding to its star level, in exchange for Shining Gems. Drilling allows you to put holes in the item, in order to add room for it to have a special card embedded, which will boost the item’s stats further. Finally, there’s synthesis, which upgrades Shining Gems to higher levels, which can then be used to create higher level gear. Players can also upgrade, train, and synthesis their pets at a pet merchant.

29938  500x375 fairy story online quest dialogue

Final Verdict: Fair

If you can get past the bad translations and confusing story, Fairy Story is a light-hearted game with a more whimsical spin than most. There’s no way to buy power in the game (and PvP is rare), and leveling bots are available to any kind of gamer who wants to let their character level while they’re away. It’s cute, but it lacks any unique element or drive to differentiate itself among the mass of other


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System Requirements

Fairy Story Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows  XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.4 GHz
RAM:  256 MB
HDD: 1000 MB Free
Graphics Card: Any 32 MB Video card

Recommended Specification:
OS: Windows XP /Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.6 GHz / AMD 3200+ or better
RAM: 1 GB or more
HDD: 1000 MB Free
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9800+

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