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World of Tanks Consoles Begins the Month-Long Soviet Dream Machines Event Today

Starting today, the World of Tanks console scene is beginning the month-long “Soviet Dream Machines” event – which features the mythical T-54 Motherland Tank! It’s a prestigious tank, unlockable by only the most skilled commanders. A month-long soviet-themed op is also available, where you unlock rewards by destroying others in your Soviet vehicle or racking up kills of Soviet tanks.┬áThe unveiling of Nomonhan, a new map, based on the pivotal Khalkhin Gol tanks battles of early World War II, where Japanese forces tasted their first defeat at the hands of then relatively unknown Soviet tank commander Zhukov. Hero tanks and more are the prizes for the May 9th, 2018 release of the World of Tanks: Citadel comic by Dark Horse Comics.

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