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Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan Heads into Steam Early Access

Publisher Insel Games and developer Nuri Works release their sci-fi MMO-ARPG Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan via Steam Early Access today, thus entering the next phase of its development cycle after several closed Alpha and Beta tests. If fast-paced MMO and Hack’n’Slash gameplay wasn’t enough, the famous FPS heroes Duke Nukem and Serious Sam join the games lineup of playable characters. Wild Buster offers a challenging and fast-paced combat system, unique skills per hero as well as a dodging system to evade bosses’ attacks during an action-packed and hectic battle. Players can form groups of up to five, set up guilds and go on raids to tackle difficult PVE challenges. There’s also the “Squad League” PVP arena, where players compete in 5v5 battles. There are also three editions of the game available on Steam, which have a 20% launch discount. These offer a variety of in-game items like mounts and pets and can still purchase the packages available on their Indiegogo Campaign.

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