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Strife: Patch 0.2.38 Now Available

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S2 Games has just released a new update for their casual MOBA title: Strife. Patch 0.2.38 introduces a new pet, major crafting changes and more.

New Features

– Enchanting 2.0: Players can now select 1-3 different enchants when crafting an item. These enchants will increase the cost of the recipe in game, making the enchants not a source of power progression, but rather a source of progression through gaining new options. You can learn more about these changes and why we made them in this Dev Blog.
– Matchmaking Improvements: Matchmaking now adjusts skill rating much more quickly for new players.
– Crafting Introduction: Crafting is now unlocked at account level 4. Once unlocked, the player will be guided through the crafting process.

New Pet: Fitz

Fitz is a pet highly specialized toward augmenting a gank-oriented play style. By revealing enemy players and dealing direct damage to them, he allows you to not only get the extra damage needed for a gank, but also to track your target through brush. Fitz also provides a significant increase to map mobility by boosting out of combat movement speed. Most importantly of all though, Fitz helps you where it counts: by occasionally giving bonus gold when you kill enemy players.

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