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Whats New in Tera? Skycastles, Crusade, BAMs & More!

Launching February 24th, Tera: Fate of Arun will introduce new content focused on guilds! Fate of Arun’s first content update of 2015 is just weeks away, and TERA’s already impressive dungeon offerings are expanding with three new instances to hone your skills. There’s a hard mode coming for Bathysmal Rise, and the all-new Sky Cruiser Endeavor (both normal and hard modes) will challenge you like never before.

Learn all about the content update in detail at our written article HERE!

Here’s what to expect.

Crusade — Guild competition with leagues for both PvP and PvE content, including a redesigned GvG battle system.

Skycastles — Floating guild housing for the top-ranked Crusade guilds on each server.
New Dungeons

Sky Cruiser Endeavor — TERA’s most challenging dungeon yet, with both normal and hard modes full of epic boss battles.

Bathysmal Rise (Hard) — This popular Fate of Arun dungeon gets a deadly makeover.

Champions’ Skyring — The ultimate test of PvP skill now has a 5v5 battleground.

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