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OGPlanet Annouces New Hardcore TPS “Dizzel”

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OGPlanet is extremely excited to announce that they are bringing Dizzel, an intense action shooter to North America this summer. Dizzel’s first beta test is set to for June 9, 2014 and players can sign up now to be among the first to play at Dizzel will feature fatality style executions, multiple exciting game modes and hardcore shooter action.

OGPlanet boasts that Dizzel is the most exciting third-person shooter they have ever played with the highest amount of intensity in a game that they have published to-date.

One of Dizzel’s biggest draws is its visceral, hardcore action, featuring ‘Executions’ where players have the ability to do a variety of unique fatalities on nearly dead foes depending on the character and weapon they are using. The creators of Mortal Kombat would truly be proud of the brutal and sadistic nature of the fatalities that Dizzel unleashes to its players. From unloading your assault rifle in the face of your enemy to hacking them into bits with a giant axe, Dizzel’s bloodlust knows no bounds.

Dizzel’s Key Features:

  • Fatalities!: Only shooting your enemies to death is for newbies. Pull off brutal executions to finish off your enemies before their teammates can revive them.
  • Take Cover: Pop in and out from cover with guns blazing like you are in an old school John Woo movie.
  • Blind Fire: Unleash a barrage of bullets at your enemies from the safety of being behind cover. Aiming is overrated anyway.

For more info on the upcoming beta, visit

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