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The Playstation and Xbox One editions of Warface receive the Icebreaker update today, which comes with new PVP maps as well as a new cooperative raid. The cooperative map “Icebreaker” will take players to the heart of winter in this free update, and advances the narrative to its turning point. The Blackwood forces take the battle to the players, and even to the Warface faction’s main base. A massive airstrike in conjunction with a naval attack using experimental offensive technologies. Players must stand their ground against it and make it through the day to reap the rewards.

PVP Maps Added in Icebreaker:

  • “Trailer Park” map, Team Deathmatch mode: Blackwood Enemy soldiers have surfaced in a suburb of a small Nevada city near an airport. Whatever they are planning doesn’t bode well for the Warface faction, so waiting around for trouble is not an option – the plan is to strike first. As intelligence is trying to pick up some more information about this area, orders are to head out to the helicopter asap!
  • “Destination” map, Plant the Bomb mode: Intelligence sources picked up information that the enemy is planning to plant a bomb inside a skyscraper in the Asian region. The roof of the building is not particularly wide, but it has several levels comprised of ventilation shafts, greenhouses, and crawl spaces, so there are plenty of ways to get to the main mission’s objective.
  • “Invasion” map, Storm mode: A laboratory developing limited-scope nuclear weapons is getting some attention from Blackwood. If the enemies get into the territory, they’ll obtain more than mere documents and warheads, but also lots of deadly radioactive materials. And this is all inside a densely populated urban block! To control the sector, players need to capture three key points, in order, one by one.
  • “Platform” map, Blitz mode: This frantic setting takes players to a two-level oil rig in the Atlantic Ocean near the southern shores of Argentina. There is a massive bomb on the upper floor, and that means Warface will have to go in. The defense team will have to split up to hold the position as the attackers have four points where they can penetrate with explosives such as the main gates and the upper floor.
  • “Subzero” map, Domination mode: The battle will take place in harsh winter conditions on this snowy map. Players can move between cover out in the open fields or advance through the trenches if they want to double back on the enemy and surprise them. It is advised to not get caught up in the firefight as permanent control of at least two control points will be the way to earn a clear victory.
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